Savvy Mom: Things to Do on a Perfect Day

I hesitate to write this because I don’t want to jinx it, but hasn’t the weather this summer been fabulous? On one particularly fine day, my two boys and I got on our bicycles and headed out in search of adventure. And food, of course.

For great views, both of the Mississippi River and other people, the Stone Arch Bridge is hard to beat. We didn’t get to see any boats using the lock, but the falls were surging with what one kid said looked like a great deal of root beer.

We stopped by the Spoonriver deli for sandwiches, yogurt, and drinks. Our next stop was Big Brain Comics. It was Wednesday, the day new comics are on the stands each week.

Our final stop before heading home was Izzy’s Ice Cream. One boy exercised restraint in ordering, the other did not, and some bickering and discussion of fairness might have ensued. I was super excited to see one of my favorite flavors in the case, Snap, Crackle, Chocolate, only to find I couldn’t pair it with Midnight Snack, which it had just replaced.

This was a minor hiccup in an otherwise lovely outing. I’m glad we seized the day and didn’t waffle if the ride would be too long, or if we had enough time. The time we had was perfect.

750 South 2nd St, Minneapolis

Big Brain Comics
1027 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis

Izzy’s Ice Cream
1100 Second Street S., Minneapolis

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