Scallops with Jalapeños and Sweet Corn

Tim McKee’s new seafood restaurant, Sea Change, will fulfill many people’s dreams. Well-read omnivores will thrill to the idea of eating seafood without the guilt of hastening the collapse of the oceans’ fisheries. Restaurant snobs will swoon at the chance to taste Minnesota’s only James Beard Award winner’s take on a new cuisine. This seared scallop dish, for instance, with chorizo, radish, cilantro, sweet-corn pudding, and a lime-jalapeño emulsion, marries the spice you find in the dishes at McKee’s Barrio Tequila Bar with the fine-dining standards you encounter at La Belle Vie. Finally, Sea Change will be the seafood restaurant of seafood-haters dreams as it will also serve chicken, beef, pork (mmmm, bacon), duck, and vegetarian options.

Sea Change’s grand opening will be July 20; 818 S. Second St., Mpls., 612-225-6499,