Sisterhood is Powerful

Global Rights for Women host a conversation with writer and activist Gloria Steinem

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Empowerment at Gloria Steinem discussion

Photo by Matthew Jenkins

On October 6 at the Hilton Minneapolis, Global Rights for Women hosted Gloria Steinem, a writer, activist, and icon of gender equality. Steinem and the program’s executive director, Cheryl Thomas, discussed the importance of ending violence against women and girls.

Gloria Steinem: Whenever I’ve come to Minnesota, it has felt in advance on a lot of issues and consciousness and community activism. I’ve probably come here more than any other place except for where I live, in New York City. There are always activist groups here and great bookstores and the YWCA. I appreciate how openhearted Minneapolis and the state have been.

Alan Page: I was a justice on the state Supreme Court where we saw the issue of violence against women up close. The law is critical, but we need people to start acting in ways that comply with the law. It is just obvious to me that women are treated differently simply because they are women, and that’s wrong. How we get to a resolution of those problems, though, is a real challenge.

Justin Page: I’m an attorney working on disability rights. That fits in with what Gloria Steinem said about making laws better for women, people of color, and for everyone so we can move to a more just society. I believe we can get there.

Melissa Muro LaMere: I’m an attorney who has benefitted from so many years of women coming before me and making incredible strides toward equality on my behalf, especially Gloria Steinem. The most moving thing she said today was how we each need our own torch. It’s the idea that within our own struggle we need to lift each other up to make sure that everybody has power.