Sociable Cider’s First Crack at Something Pink: Pinch Flat

A dandy new collab with Fair State Brewing makes its debut for summer patio season
Pink, a favorite color.

A new, rosy addition to Sociable Cider Werks’ offerings this spring is the Pinch Flat cider. It’s dandily dressed up like your typical rose wine, but grazes the roof of your mouth with the familiar, satisfying tartness recognizable to any regular drinker of the cidery’s Freewheeler cider.

This subtly floral, overtly summery blend of apples, hibiscus flowers, and rose hips satisfied our in-house panel of judges. A sunny patio—and a plate of Union Kitchen grub—would complete the mood the first sips evoke. For more context on the hibiscus pick, know that this cider is a collaboration with roselle-obsessed Fair State Brewing Cooperative, located a few blocks north of Sociable’s northeast Minneapolis taproom.

“Frankly, another collaboration between Sociable and Fair State was long overdue,” said Sociable co-founder Jim Watkins in a post. “Sociable’s first crack at something pink, and Fair State’s first crack at something apple for their taproom. This product starts as a blend of freshly pressed apples brewed with cane sorghum to contribute body, Willamette hops to contribute an earthy terroir, and then hibiscus and rose hips for that rose color and floral finish. The result is Freewheeler backbone with Roselle flair.”

It’s a hue that just won’t quit.

Pinch Flat will be a seasonal summer beverage option in 4-pack cans, and on tap around town—including an unfiltered, hazier version at Fair State’s taproom.

Billed as the “pinkest party this side of the Mississippi,” the Pinch Flat release party—featuring pink swag and more—is on Thursday, April 18, at Sociable Cider Werks.