Spoons-Only Restaurant?

I got this e-mail from a reader over the weekend:

“My anniversary is coming up and I would like to do something special for my husband. He has mentioned a restaurant that serves everything on spoons. He has mentioned this place several times (but never by name) and I cannot find it. Have you heard of such a restaurant?”

My first thought was that her husband is trying out material for a spec piece for The Onion. My second was that maybe he had misunderstood the concept behind Spoonriver? My third was that he has lousy diction and really wants food served only on skewers, a la Fogo de Chão. (And, yes, I did wonder if I was being put on.) But, barring any of those options, this seemed like a fun thing to consider.

What would be a good eating-utensil-themed restaurant? The restaurant I’d open would be a diet restaurant called Lobster Fork, and everything would be cut into super-small pieces so it would take about six hours to eat a cob salad. What’s yours? Best three answers get a pair of tickets to the 19th Annual Midwest Home Show (November 13 – 15).

By the way, I’m still laughing about the Gingiss formal wear joke, and the white-tie vs. black-tie joke, from the comments on whether local restaurants are too informal… If you’ve never read all of that post, and you have an hour to kill, get ready for a good time: Are Local Restaurants Too Inexpensive?

Oh, and I did respond to the reader, saying I had never heard of a spoons-only local restaurant, but would throw it out to the crowd in case anyone else had. Have you?

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