Springtime Equals a New Meritage Crêpe Stand!

I walked past a patch of purple and white crocuses in bloom this past weekend and my heart leapt with joy: Spring really is coming! Now, to add to my springtime joys, I have learned that chef Russell Klein plans to debut a crêpe stand once farmers’ market season gets rolling.

Says chef Klein: “We’ll have it out on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the farmers’ market, on the plaza next to Great Waters. I do a fair amount of shopping at that market. It’s a great resource. We’ll also have it out on our summer patio when the season gets going. I’m thinking we’ll keep it pretty simple, just two or three sweet crepes and two or three savory ones. We’ll make use of the farmers’ market, making our own strawberry preserves, using local ham and local cheese. I’m thinking we’ll charge maybe $5 for a healthy-sized savory crepe.”

St. Paul, are you smiling now? I am. And if blooming crocuses and chef-driven crêpes aren’t bringing a smile to your face, it’s time to go outside: Our long winter and crêpe-free street-life may be about to end!

410 Saint Peter St., St Paul