Stadium Village’s Bar Luchador Closing Permanently

The Mexican wrestling-themed taco haven posted a heartfelt farewell
This familiar face welcomed you at Bar Luchador

Bar Luchador is officially down for the count. One of the Twin Cities’ most-creative restaurants has decided to close up.

Beyond “tacos, margaritas, and wrestling,” this hangout was known for pop-up concepts embracing cuisine from around the globe and an endless assortment of bold gimmicks and promotions. Bar Luchador was a jewel of the University of Minnesota’s Stadium Village.

In a note posted to the restaurant’s website, owner Angelo Pennacchio laid it all out: “Well dudes, there is no easy way to say this, but Bar Luchador will not be reopening, we are closing the doors for good. We could keep scratching and clawing our way through these strange weeks and months and try and keep fighting… but I really don’t know what the restaurant world is going to look like when this is all said and done.”

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