Summer Refreshments from Anelace Coffee and Workhorse Coffee Bar

There’s no shortage of places in the Twin Cities to get a good cup of coffee, and two exciting new spots have recently come on the scene. Anelace Coffee, the Instagram darling of Northeast Minneapolis, carries beans from multiple roasters as well as house-made syrups and sauces in their shop. And recently opened Workhorse Coffee Bar in St. Paul houses the “Smallest Museum in St. Paul,” which is a vintage fire-hose cabinet that features work by a different artist every month. We asked these new and notable coffee spots for a refreshing summer drink recipe to sip on while you bask outside.

From Eric Olney, co-founder of Anelace Coffee:

“We brew iced coffee using the Japanese iced coffee method. Essentially, rather than doing an overnight cold brew, we brew it hot as a concentrate and dilute it with ice. Brewing it hot and instantly cooling brings out all of the volatile aromatics that make up so much of a coffee’s perceived taste. We also make it to order so the coffee does not sit and oxidize. This method produces an extremely light, crisp, complex, and refreshing cup.”

Anelace Coffee’s Japanese-Style Iced Coffee (serves 1)

1 c.                                          hot water, preferably at 198 degrees F
1 heaping Tbsp.                    finely ground coffee
1 c.                                          ice, divided

Using your favorite pour-over cone, gently pour the hot water over the finely ground coffee directly onto 1/4 c. of ice. Brew time should be 3 minutes. Serve in a 16 oz. cup over an additional 3/4 c. ice.

Anelace Coffee, 2402 Central Ave NE, Mpls., 55418. (612) 236-4870

peppermint lemonade, photo courtesy workhorse coffee bar

From Shannon Forney, business manager of Workhorse Coffee Bar:

“Our suggested summer refreshment is a Peppermint Lemonade, sweetened with a Rosemary simple syrup. It is so amazing and has quickly become a customer favorite.”

Workhorse Coffee Bar’s Peppermint Lemonade (serves 6–8)

8 oz.                loose-leaf herbal peppermint tea (recommended: TeaSource’s Peppermint loose-leaf)
3 L.                  hot water, at approximately 205 degrees F
8–10 oz.          fresh lemon juice
8 oz.                honey
8 oz.                simple syrup (equal ratios of sugar dissolved in hot water)
Fresh mint, optional

Steep loose-leaf peppermint tea in water for 5 minutes. Strain, then add honey, simple syrup, and lemon juice to brewed tea.

Refrigerate for 2 hours or longer, then serve chilled over ice, with optional sprig of fresh mint as garnish.

Workhorse Coffee Bar, 2399 University Avenue, St. Paul, 55114. (651) 348-7561.