Tea on Tap

A few years ago, the Twin Cities’ food scene was caught up in the third-wave coffee craze. Then it launched a craft- beer boom. The next thing brewing is kombucha, a fermented tea thought to have originated in ancient Manchuria. The new Verdant Tea shop in Minneapolis serves its housemade kombucha on tap, in a variety of seasonal flavors, from lychee to guava to hibiscus. Some tout the beverage’s (as-yet-unproven) health benefits, while other fans, such as myself, simply enjoy its refreshing, delicate balance of sweetness, effervescence, and acidity. You can sample a flight of kombucha flavors and take your favorite home in a growler. Just don’t ask to see the SCOBY, the Symbiotic Culture of (friendly) Bacteria and Yeast that transforms the plain tea into kombucha—but looks rather like an elephant booger. Verdant Tea, 2111 E. Franklin Ave., Mpls., 612-223-8907, minneapolis.verdanttea.com