The Explosion in Second Restaurant Locations

Hola Arepa and Revival jump on the restaurant 2.0 trend. Who will be next?

Revival’s fried chicken. Photo by Tj Turner.

This week’s announcement that the owners of Corner Table and Revival are opening a new concept in St. Paul, along with Hola Arepa’s second location, and Five Watt Coffee’s as well, got me thinking about the biggest trend in restaurants this year—it’s the year of the brand extension.

Think of it: almost every brand new big restaurant has failed this year. Il Foro, Scena, Parella: all crashed and burned rather quickly. If I were an investor, I’d spend money on a proven concept with a track record of execution. That’s what’s happening.

Victory 44 opened Upton 43 and Dirty Bird.
Bachelor Farmer opened a Café.
Tilia’s Steven Brown opened St. Genevieve in South Minneapolis
Patisserie 44 opened Rose Street Patisserie

Coming soon:
Pizzeria Lola’s Young Joni
Revival on Selby in St. Paul
Restaurant Alma’s café next door.
Some of the Travail team is opening a barbeque place in Northeast Minneapolis
The Wayzata explosion with Spoon and Stable’s Gavin Kaysen opening a bistro, Sushi Fix opening a Mexican Restaurant, and Eastside’s Ryan Burnet opening a salad joint

What would I like to see another location of?
World Street Kitchen
Cafe Latté

What would you like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments