The Golden Latte is in Town

The best spots to get a golden latte in Minneapolis and St. Paul
Photo of Gray Fox Coffee Drinks

Courtesy Syameen Salehaldin

The turmeric latte—aka the golden latte—is the newest wellness craze at the moment. The under-appreciated superfood of turmeric has an endless amount of benefits. It’s great for skin, improves digestion, and, thanks to a crazy amount of antioxidants has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts your immune system, all of which is why this drink is getting so much attention. So move over coffee and matcha—the warm, soothing, honeyed golden latte is here to stay, perfect if you ever need a calming, healthier beverage in the afternoon. Here are some of the best places to get one.

Penny’s Coffee

With locations in Linden Hills and downtown Minneapolis, this stylish cafe appeals to people from all parts of the town—plus they serve some of the best crepes in Minneapolis that are to die for! Pair one up with their golden latte, and you’ll have the best morning or afternoon.

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Spyhouse Coffee is the go-to spot for all coffee and tea lovers, whether they are near Uptown, Whittier, St. Paul, Northeast, or North Loop. Decked out with hints of bricks, wood, and antiques, the minimalist cafe serves some of the best locally roasted coffee, and their golden lattes are pretty amazing, too.

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

Redefine your drink palate in North Loop at the Chicago-based cafe Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea. They serve drinks made with unique, globally sourced coffee beans and tea leaves, which you can enjoy as an elixir, coffee, or tea. With swings dangling from the ceiling and a luminescent and Instagrammable F attached to the wall, the playful cafe is one of the best places to sip on a golden latte.

The Salty Tart

In need of delicious sweet delights that go together with a golden latte? The Salty Tart is the place to go. Located in Lowertown St. Paul and Minneapolis, the cafe serves goods made with organic, locally sourced ingredients, which ties together with their motto of “cooking with integrity.” Order your golden latte and maybe the bakery’s egg sandwich if you’re staying there for breakfast—you can always get a pastry to go, too!

Whole Sum Kitchen

This Minneapolis-based cafe serves handcrafted healthy food, coffee, fresh juice, smoothies, and the best part, golden lattes. If you’re ever in need of a pick me up or any healthy alternatives for your diet, then this is the spot to visit.

Gray Fox Coffee & Wine

Known for their artistic, decorated lattes (they really take latte art to the next level), Gray Fox is located next to the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis and is truly an aesthetic person’s heaven. With a skylit atrium and a space filled with marbles, rose gold, and white bricks, it’s a perfect place to hang out with friends and get away from work.