The Importance of Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

Paying attention to the news about agriculture in this country can be a tiresome endeavour. Much of the news is so sensationalist; declaring one thing evil and another a savior. There are methods and practices that can be cringe-inducing. However, there are also tales of family farms learning to adapt and thrive that are redemptive; heart warming.

As we slowly take a collective step away from shrink-wrapped, styrofoam displayed produce and look to where our food is produced, it’s hard not to want to know more about where our food comes from. The food I want to eat, the nourishment I want to share with my family, is the stuff that is grown by people, not production companies. Farmers who guide a plant or animal from the birth the plate. It’s a tricky thing eating with a conscious. However, it’s a wholly satisfying experience to know that what you have was cared for, grown without shortcuts and delicious.

That’s why it’s nice to be able to watch this video of the people at Bushel Boy Farms, in small town Minnesota, who bring a tomato from seed to vine to your table all year round.

This post is presented by Bushel Boy Bushel Boy

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