The Twin Cities' Best Ice Cream

Jason and Joy pick the most innovative licks for hot summer days

Restaurant recommendations from MnMo food critics Jason DeRusha and Joy Summers.

Joy’s Picks

I want a rich and modestly-sized ice cream cone to counteract the warm summer days—and Joy-brand cones only. It’s all about classic and quality flavors.

PortLand Malt Shoppe: My deep and abiding love for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was nurtured by this small stand beside the shores of Lake Superior. (Superior St., Duluth)

Izzy’s: I love exploring the creative flavors like buttermilk or lemon custard, but even the plain chocolate is a cold scoop of heaven. Then you get to take it to the next level by introducing an extra flavor with the tiny, bonus “Izzy Scoop”! (Marshall Ave., St. Paul)

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Honey & Mackie’s Cone. Photo by Jenny Phillips/Creative Jam, Inc.

Jason’s Picks

My first love in life was gorgeous. Her name was Baskin-Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon. As a food-lover, I appreciate the incredible, creative, innovative ice creameries in Minnesota. As a dad, I appreciate how happy ice cream makes my kids.

Honey & Mackie’s: The western suburbs have their own fancy ice cream! Honey & Mackie’s rotates through about 24 flavors such as grasshopper, coffee-Oreo, and raspberry–chocolate chip. They also sell fresh-cut French fries. Don’t be afraid: Let your ice cream soften up, dip those fries right in there, and thank me later. (Hwy. 55 & Rockford Rd., Plymouth)

Hastings Co-Op Creamery: It’s not much on ambiance, but there’s something so charming about going inside the creamery that produces Valley View Farms milk and getting a big cup of fresh chocolate soft-serve. They call them shakes, but the chocolate soft-serve is too thick for a straw. It’s delightfully small town and just $1. (Vermillion St., Hastings)