This North Loop Apartment Is Now a Private Dining Space

The Apartment by Borough turns a studio apartment into an upscale experience

A first look inside the Apartment at Borough in North Loop

Why should hotels have all the fun when it comes to intimate dining? The busy Jester Concepts team, who recently publicized its purchase of Butcher & the Boar, have unveiled details for the Apartment by Borough.

What used to be just an apartment by Borough (upstairs from it, technically) in the North Loop neighborhood has been revamped as private event destination. Minneapolis design firm Studio Grey, who recently outfitted Pajarito’s Edina location, led the renovation.

The polished, yet approachable, outcome is geared towards small- to mid-sized gatherings. Although this blurs the lines between restaurant and Airbnb rental, you’ll definitely have to sleep elsewhere.

Currently, these long tables can welcome between two and 12 diners—and without COVID-19 restrictions, expect double that amount. What for? Coursed dinners, food and wine tasting experiences, and prep classes for food and cocktails making use of the kitchen and butcher block countertop space near the dining area.

To book, head to the Apartment’s website, or email Loren Hextall (

Dining tables at the Apartment at Borough in North Loop


Details of the kitchen space at the Apartment at Borough in North Loop


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