Three Dishes Worth Going Out For

Rabbit hole
Thomas Kim of the Rabbit Hole. Photo by Joy Summers

It’s freezing cold and those resolutions are wearing thin. Embrace the crazy climate we call home and get out there.

Go Go Noodles at the Rabbit Hole
It’s been two years that we’ve been lucky enough to call The Rabbit Hole one of our favorite restaurants. From the full bar to the innovative Korean-influenced bar food, there is still a lot to love inside this spot. Chef and owner Thomas Kim and his crew have refreshed the menu and there are a slew of new dishes worth exploring. Texture is big with every bite, and even something as simple as a vegetarian udon noodle bowl is packed with huge flavors and intrigue. Fresh, chewy noodles are fried and tossed in a tangy, dark soy sauce. Studded with soft bits of tofu, crunch vegetables and permeated by a pickley-funk. It’s the kind of dish I like to discover first thing in the morning at the back of my refrigerator, and the last spicy, slick bite of food to down before capping off a late night out with friends. This is deep winter survival eating at its finest. Bust those taste buds out of hibernation. 920 E. Lake St., Suite 101, Minneapolis, 612-236-4526,

Savory Muffin and North Loop Coffee at the Bachelor Farmer Café
This Sunday The Bachelor Farmer’s Café opened, and every morning, there’s a pastry case calling your name. There are the traditional butter redolent, flaky treats that are both sweet and savory. The tender-crumb corn muffin harbors a molten cheese center. The result is the perfect balance of sweet and savory to fuel a week day morning. Plus, the coffee on site is given as much attention as the cocktails downstairs at Marvel Bar. The North Loop blend the baristas came up with is seriously complex for such a light roast. The beans are used for the drip coffee on site and available for sale. Trust me, you’re going to want to bank a bag for later. 200 N. First St., Minneapolis, 612-206-3920,

The Savory Muffin at Bachelor Farmer Cafe. Photo by Joy Summers

Raw Vegetable Salad at Nighthawks
Is your healthy eating resolution still hanging on by a tenuous thread? Amble on over to Nighthawk’s, Landon Schoenefeld’s Nicollet Avenue diner, and order the salad. While it sounds absurdly simple on the menu, a massive bowl of fresh vegetables will revitalize your commitment to yourself and to fresh fare. It’s got a zingy dressing that carries an umami punch from the spicy nuoc cham and about 17 different kinds of crunchy from the peanuts to the ribbons of raw vegetables, balanced with a bit of creamy avocado. It’s the good kind of fat. 3753 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-248-8111,

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