Three Things to Eat at the Food and Wine Experience

This week is all just one long appetizer to the Food & Wine Experience at Target Field, March 5-6. Every year I count down to these two days. (That it happens to coincide with my Mom’s birthday doesn’t hurt my excitement, either. Hi Mom!) This year is extra special for me because of my new job–getting to eat at the best new restaurants around the Twin Cities and then duke it out with the ever-gracious Jason DeRusha every month. (By the way, if ever you want to turn reading the columns into a drinking game, take a slug of wine every time he mentions his lovely bride, Alyssa.)

But back to this weekend: this lineup is going to be more delicious than ever. If you see me out there, please say hi! Let me know what you think of the new Taste section. I’d love to hear how you think we’re doing. I’ll likely be camped out drinking all of the Washington State wines before anyone else can get to them, or cramming these bites into my waiting mouth:

Heggies Pizza
That’s right, the bar food staple is a slice of late night heaven. Their booth is always under high demand at the Food & Wine Experience. So, it’s likely that before queuing up, I’m going to pop into one of my favorite dive bars for a slice and a bump before the big show.

Swedish Crown Bakery
I’m not in Anoka all that often, but when I am, I always plan on dropping in at this sweet shop. I am a bona fide cardamom fiend, and their rolls are simply the best. No matter what this team is baking, I’m ordering it.

Sweet Potato Doughnuts at Corner Table
Saturday is all about the daylong feast–it’s a spring Thanksgiving for me, without ever having to do the dishes. After the day out at Target Field, I’m taking my mom to her favorite restaurant for, believe it or not, one extra bite beyond the Food & Wine Experience. The menu inside this restaurant changes at the whims of the chef and the season, but one dish that remains constant are the perfect, powder sugar dusted doughnuts. As hard as it may be, I’ve got to save room for these.

For a full list of exhibitors at this year’s 22nd Annual Minnesota Monthly Food and Wine Experience, or to purchase tickets ($80 in advance; $85 at the door) visit