Three Things to Eat: November 28-December 4

Food critic Joy Summers recommends what to eat and drink around MN this week, including poticia, soup, and wine

Spoon Optional Super Greens. Photo by Joy Summers.

We are in the thick of my favorite time of year. There’s still a bank of turkey leftovers in my freezer, the city streets are trimmed with twinkle lights, and everywhere you go, good cheer is waiting in the form of crowded plates and full cups.

Sunrise Bakery (at Sunrise Market) poticia
To me, it’s just not the holidays without a breakfast of poticia. It’s a little like a loaf of bread, a bottle of honey, and a walnut tree decided to defy convention and live life as a perfectly sweet thrupple. Sheets of sweet bread dough are rolled paper thin and then coated with chopped nuts and mellow spices before being rolled up and baked. Serve at room temperature with enough butter spread on it that it resembles frosting. In my Iron Range upbringing, there was only one poticia, and it was made in Hibbing at Sunrise Bakery. It’s available here in some grocery stores, but use this an excuse to head over to Sunrise Market (owned by the bakery owner’s cousin) and grab a couple loaves—one for you and one for friends.

Spoon Optional Super Greens
I’ve discovered my holiday season survival strategy: keeping a stock of these incredible soups near at hand at all times. These little jars are packed full of decadent flavors, but wonderfully light on the calories, not to mention nutrient dense. The super greens are luscious, hearty, and heavenly to sip on the day after a big meal. I also love the carrot turmeric for a beautiful blend of flavors and a dose of the superspice of the moment. These are all made locally and can be purchased through the website or at a few local retailers. I can just pop into my neighborhood juice shop and pick up a few jars at $8 a pop.

The Bachelor Farmer Maxime Magnon, La Demarrante
Great wine lists are experiencing a resurgence in the Twin Cities. Since day one, The Bachelor Farmer has been pouring exceptional bottles and glasses. Last week I requested “something weird,” and was given this stunning glass. Erin Rolek was featured in this month’s Best of the Cities issue of Minnesota Monthly for her fabulous wine list. These are hard-to-find bottles and it’s worth remembering that TBF will open any bottle they stock and pour it by the glass! Break out of the same old Pinot/Syrah wine rut and explore this fabulous list.

And, join me in toasting the Best of the Cities this Thursday December 1st with sips and noshes and tons of fun at The Machine Shop in Minneapolis. Tickets available here.