Three Things to Eat: October 17-23

How to eat your way through political stress

Dark Horse cocktails

It’s hard to believe that the second presidential debate was already a week and a half ago. I was hunkered down in San Diego discovering the joys of carne asada fries on my dear friend’s couch. (They were cheese, fries, meat and that special whipped guacamole that you can only get at taco shops.) Tonight is the final debate and then we’re all that much closer to being done with this bananas election. Whether you’re playing drinking games, getting your hackles up or just chilling on the couch with your bestie, these are my picks for what to eat to get through these crazy final days before the election.

The Brooklyn at Dark Horse Bar and Eatery
Tonight the Lowertown restaurant is hosting a Tire Fire party to watch the final debate. Plus, it’s a gorgeous evening to take advantage of their beautiful patio. Grab a Brooklyn, their twist on the Manhattan. It’s cold, boozy and a good balm to what’s sure to be a doozy tonight.

The Ruckus at Taco Cat
Somehow, this election has come down to tacos for me. Maybe it’s the news that there’s a wall of taco trucks going up around Trump tower. Maybe it’s just that a tortilla is the perfect vessel for all things tasty. Either way, call up the Taco Cat dudes for bike delivery if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, or pop by the Midtown Global Market location for the Ruckus: steak, cheese, minty chimichurri, pickled radish and their salsa. It’s all the things.

Beef Poutine at Red Cow
This is a Minnesotan twist on the dish I devoured in a most unladylike fashion in S.D. And, if you think you’re sick of the whole gravy and cheese fries thing (who are you?) this place will reignite your love. Handcut fries are topped with slow-braised beef and a healthy dose of Summit beer-spiked cheese sauce. It’s all kinds of delicious wrong.

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