Three Things to Eat: Sept. 26-Oct. 2

Fall favorites (sans pumpkin) from Juice So Good, The Bachelor Farmer Cafe, and Saint Dinette

Bachelor Farmer Cafe
The Bachelor Farmer Cafe. Photo by Tj Turner.

This morning I shrugged on my favorite worn flannel shirt. It’s wrinkly and shrunken in weird ways and right now it smells like the back of my closet (okay, the back of my closet floor), but it is so soft. Like the back of grandma’s hands, it holds memories, warmth and comfort. This is the time of year where we get to dive back into those deep comfort pockets and let our cheeks turn rosy from the cool smack of fall.

While most people are reaching for pumpkin spice laced anything, my comforts are much simpler. Also, I hate pumpkin pie. Seriously, it’s gross. I’m reaching for things long-stewed, saucy, sticky, sweet, and smelling of cinnamon.

Juice So Good’s Cashew Bliss
Last week Lakewinds Food Co-Op shared a few tastes of fall food trends with me, and the box included a bottle of Juice So Good’s Cashew Bliss. I’m totally on board with this whole nut milk trend and this is the best of the store bought stuff I’ve tried. It’s just a little bit sweet with a touch of salt and an alluring cinnamon perfume. It’s a creamy sweet treat.

The Bachelor Farmer Cafe’s Cinnamon Roll
Even sweeter in the treat department are the heavenly little cinnamon rolls served at the Bachelor Farmer’s Cafe. They’re reasonably sized, which is perfect for a few bites. The frosting is wonderfully tangy, the bread wonderfully yeasty and at the bottom is a tacky bit of cinnamon sugar goo that makes it perfectly reasonable to eat this little guy bottoms up. The pastry program inside the Dayton brother’s restaurant gets every bit as much care as every other aspect of their impressive holdings on this modest corner of the North Loop. The breakfast pastries are just beyond anything else.

Saint Dinette’s Brown Butter Tacos
The taco game around town is gaining steam in the most divine of ways. This weekend I was lucky enough to get a first taste of the incredible stuff the team behind Pajarito is working on. (It’s new slightly-elevated Mexican food from Tyge Nelson and Stephan Hesse. I am so excited to see what they are going to do when it’s a real restaurant.) But until they open later this year, the most outrageously delicious tacos to be found in town are at Saint Dinette in Lowertown. Now, the French-influenced restaurant best known for an insane burger and bologna sandwich might not be the most obvious place for a taco, but there is heaven in a tortilla here. Slow roasted, subtly spiced pork is dressed with browned butter, crema and a zingy little bit of pineapple.

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