Three Things to Eat This Week: March 7-13

Isn’t spring just the best? I mean, right up there with fall and summer it’s one of my four favorite seasons. With the sun (sort of) shining and the temperatures promises green stuff, there is so much new, fresh and local I’m dying to get to this week.

BlueSE at Blue Door Pub Como
The newest outpost of the Blue Door Pub is now rocking near the University of Minnesota and the neighborhood gets its own cheese-stuffed burger. (That’s a blucy to us lay people.) Brie, bacon jam, and house made Berry Jamilow are crammed into the middle of that tender beef before being seared and slid onto a squishy bun. Along with a side of their super crisp and fluffy French fries, it’s a messy, salty, sweet, satisfying meal.

Heartland Restaurant Book Signing
Chef Lenny Russo tells the best stories. If you’re lucky enough to catch a little face time with the busy owner of Lowertown’s groundbreaking Heartland restaurant, you can find yourself rapt for easily over an hour being entertained with harrowing tales, hysterical escapades, and romantic tales of epic meals. There’s a chance to hear a few at the book signing this Saturday, celebrating his first cookbook (which, by the way, is stunning and full of approachable recipes.) The event includes a five course menu along with cocktails from North Shore Distillery and Easy & Oskey.

Tofu Hash at Harriet Brasserie
Linden Hills is so lucky. From Wild Rumpus to Clancey’s to Tilia to the new Upton 43—there are just so many reasons this pocket of Minneapolis is one of the best places for a foodie to live. While I’m not lucky enough to call this address my own, I still head over there often. Spring means the promise of patio season and Harriet Brasserie has one of the most darling outdoor spots, plus they have an incredible breakfast menu, offered every day they’re open. I am crazy about the spicy (and incidentally vegetarian) tofu hash with yucca, black bean paste, shishito peppers and fresh watercress. Even if the patio tables aren’t set outside yet, the views by the window are just as good, if warmer.

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