Tim McKee Will Cook for You! Seriously!

I’m working on various things for my July and August issues (magazines have long lead times), so have been gossiping up a storm all day, which yielded this remarkable tidbit: Tim McKee will be cooking at Solera’s tapas bar tonight and tomorrow—and every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the next few weeks, probably, till the end of May.

Yes, Tim McKee, our James Beard award-winner—likely the best chef the upper Midwest has ever produced—the wonder, the good guy, the incomparable, cooking just for you (and eight or so other people) at the tapas bar at Solera. Boggles the mind. This is an experience you couldn’t pay for if you wanted to—except now you can!

This, chef de cuisine J.P. Samuelson tells me, is part of the restaurant’s current goal to bring a little more energy to the restaurant. They also plan to redo the menu, reducing the current bounty of tapas options to a trim two dozen or so, and then add more conventionally sized entrées and salads. This may necessitate shutting the restaurant down for a few days at the end of May to retrain all the employees, so if you see the place closed briefly sometime later this spring, don’t panic.

Wow. Tim McKee. My mind is sort of wobbling. If you don’t know already, he’s the tall one who sort of looks like Tim Robbins and cooks like I imagine angels fly, surely and simply.

Solera Restaurant
900 Hennepin Ave., Mpls.