Tyge Nelson of Chino Latino's Essentials

Chino Latino
Dish for feeding a crowd: Bo Ssam: Korean slow-cooked pork shoulder served with lettuce leaves and side dishes like kimchi, bean sprout salad, pickled vegetables. It looks really impressive, is entirely prepped ahead, and is a great dish to huddle around with a group of friends.

World cuisine: I would like to see more Korean dining in the Twin Cities. I think that Midwesterners can really identify with the flavors.

Holiday dish: Dressing is the dish I look most forward to for the holidays. I am kind of a traditionalist: sage and giblets. I know you can make it all year round, but it just never seems to taste quite as good as it does this time of year.

Secret ingredient: I use fish sauce all the time—vinaigrettes, marinades, finishing sauces—I love it. Just gives things a little oomph.

Cooking advice: ATE: Always Taste Everything. • chinolatino.com