Under-the-Radar Brunch Spots

Joy visits Twin Cities Live to share her favorite eateries for a mid-morning meal

Saint Dinette, Adam Eaton
Adam Eaton at Saint Dinette. Photo by Tj Turner.

Every wonder where to go for those perfect weekend meals? Tired of the same old eggs Benedict? I am all about the weekend meal game and I’ve partnered with Twin Cities Live to dish on my favorite, under the radar spots.

Cook St. Paul
This Eastside diner is a crowd pleaser with breakfast classics beloved by Midwesterns, like positively perfect buttermilk pancakes, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, check out some of the Korean dishes. The Mac and ‘Chi (that’s macaroni with kimchee) is positively addictive. Actually, anything with that kimchi is divine, including the pork belly topped rice bowl. Spice everything up with Eddie Wu’s house-made hot sauce. cookstp.com

I.e.- Italian Eatery
Those in the Nokomis neighborhood nearby Italian Eatery are going to slay me for sharing this secret, but this gorgeous neighborhood spot is a delicious brunch destination. It’s fancy enough for those feeling that way, and also welcoming if you’re just rolling in off a day at the lake. Try the insanely fluffy cornmeal pancakes topped with limoncello curd or the crispy risotto rice bowl topped with porketta and an egg. And for those who love brunch booze, the cocktail list is a winner. italianeatery.com

Lyn 65
The entire time I was working on this list, everyone in the industry kept saying, what? Lyn 65 has brunch? Yes! I am telling you this secret spot tucked into a Richfield strip mall does have brunch, and it is fantastic. The same artfully prepared dishes the kitchen is known for are made brunchy here, like a terrific braised lamb with harissa that’s sprinkled with rose petals and crispy chickpeas. Also, it’s worth noting, their insanely good cheeseburger is also available on the brunch menuand it’s got an egg on it! Totally counts as breakfast. If you’re in the mood for a cocktail to smooth out those rough Saturday night edges, there’s a dill aquavit situation that could cure all the world’s problems. lyn65.com

World Street Kitchen
Yes, we know about the Yum Yum Bowl and the MFC Fried chicken sandwich, but did you realize that chef Sameh’s Lyn/Lake restaurant also has a brunch menu? It’s true and it’s divine. Just don’t make any big plans afterwards. These are flavors you’ll want to linger over. eatwsk.com

Saint Dinette
I adore this restaurant for somehow having a tiny menu that is always stacked with food that hits my every craving. In the morning, that might mean one of those decadent bologna sandwiches (special ordered with an egg on top) alongside a bracing Canadian Cold Press, or it might mean some crinkle fries made into lobster and truffle poutine. Who knows? Sometimes I even want a salad and those are heaven-sent as well. saintdinette.com

The Kenwood
If you’re like me and work weird hours, your week’s end might land on what’s technically a week day. That’s fine, as Don Saunders’ beautiful restaurant in the Kenwood neighborhood serves brunch during the week starting at 10 a.m. These are the pancakes I dream about: the ones with black walnut butter and copious amounts of real maple syrup. The food is stunning and fulfills the Instagrammers at the table while the fabulous and affordable wine list fulfills everyone who has to wait for their food to be photographed before being allowed to eat. thekenwoodrestaurant.com

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