Ungodly Lazy Recipe of the Week

The other day, I got a chicken into the oven when I glanced up and realized I had exactly three minutes to be walking out the door to an appointment. I had wanted to make brown rice in my usual way (sautéing some garlic in butter before adding the rice to the pot), but there wasn’t any time. So I dumped about a tablespoon of the Golden Fig’s Sel de Cuisine in there with a cup and a half of short-grain brown rice and three cups of water and chucked the cold pot in the oven. Many hours later, when I pulled the rice out, I had extremely low expectations. But, by golly, if that rice didn’t taste like a pilaf I had slaved over: Harmonious, complexly herbal, and, to my great surprise, perfectly seasoned. If I had gotten that in a restaurant, I would have figured some complicated chefly thing went into its making.

If you don’t know Golden Fig’s sel de cuisine: It’s their signature blend, a really gray and chunky looking product made with sea salt, rosemary, cinnamon, tarragon, chili peppers, green peppercorns, and ground pepper. It’s sold at lots of places, including Kowalski’s and the Golden Fig store on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

I don’t want to brag, but I think that pot of rice is the laziest thing I’ve ever made. So, what about you? What’s the laziest thing you’ve ever made that’s surprisingly good?

Golden Fig Fine Foods
790 Grand Ave, St Paul
(651) 602-0144

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