Vegetarians With Money Speak Out!

Nicole writes: “I’m a vegetarian with money to drop on a fancy dinner. I’m tired of these nicer restaurants with one or two vegetarian options on the menu or meals during which I’m constantly requesting modifications to other dishes. I want choices and I’m willing to spend. And if I may throw in two more desires: non-vegetarian friendly (maybe steak?) and located on a bus line (the last one is not as important).”

Nicole, do you know about the vegetarian tasting menus at La Belle Vie? Five or eight courses, and the preparations are just as elaborate and thrilling as the meat-centered cuisine. Heartland in St. Paul also runs a nightly vegetarian tasting menu, the “flora” one; I’m a confirmed carnivore and I even get it occasionally because it’s more appealing than the fauna one. Spoonriver is the natural vegetarian choice because of their true focus on plant-based foods, but they also have steak on the menu. In terms of transportation, La Belle Vie is on about half of the cities’ bus-lines, as it’s right across from the Walker. All those restaurants have lots of meaty options as well, in case you’ve got a meat-centric date. Other vegetarian strongholds? French Meadow, Broder’s Pasta Bar, Jasmine 26, and Café Brenda.

Those are my best ideas: Anybody got anything to add?