Vom Fass on Tap at the Mall of America

German shop brings gourmet oil and vinegar to MOA

There’s a new store on tap at the Mall of America to tempt foodies.

Vom Fass is perhaps a term that doesn’t translate so well from its native tongue—it sounds like something you’d drive on the Autobahn, when it in fact means “from the cask” or “on tap.” The brand is launching its first full Twin Cities store in the Mall of America on April 30 (a smaller location is within the Woodbury Kowalski’s). The new East Wing space will be jam-packed with oils, vinegars, spices, wines, spirits, and liqueurs. In keeping with the ever-growing farm-to-table movement, Vom Fass sells many of its goods (including oil and vinegar) on tap—straight from the casks.

We sampled a few varieties they provided, and while the company offers oils spiked with ingredients including chili and basil, the plain extra-virgin variety from Greece shines with a rich, slightly buttery flavor. With a quick dotting of tangy balsamic vinegar and a little of Vom Fass’ Miscela Napoletana spice blend (a medley including dried tomato, basil, oregano, and garlic), the full-bodied oil is an excellent match with a crusty baguette and would finish off a pan of pasta nicely. A quick shake of the seasoning would also be good to brighten up a jarred tomato sauce.

Between April 30 and May 1, the new shop will offer demonstrations, special deals, and samples.

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