Waste Not, Want Not

Picking through the produce department of your local grocery store you might see several varieties of tomatoes, but unless you see the Bushel Boy sticker, chances are those tomatoes aren’t doing the environment any favors.

Most wintertime tomatoes you’ll find there have been shipped up from Mexico. These varieties are often bred to be firm and tough to endure their long journey to the shelf. Flavor is sacrificed for dense texture. Their red coloring comes from a chemical-induced hue change because these guys are picked on the growers’ schedule, not when the tomato is ready to be eaten.

Nature cultivates our fruits and vegetables to be most alluring when it’s an ideal time to eat them. A rich, ripe, and ready tomato will pull at the vine, laden with juices and shining that brilliant scarlet to tempt the eye. While those other poor tomatoes are a shadow of what you’ll find if you’d grown them in your backyard, Bushel Boy tomatoes taste like summer all year round, because they’re grown for flavor and aren’t sacrificed on the altar of a grower’s schedule.

Because they’re grown here in Minnesota, we also care about taking care with our natural resources. With every crop, we conserve water by maintaining the perfect temperature inside our greenhouses. We’re also working on continuing to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our packaging. Plus, we value our plants all the way through their life cycle and compost all of the leaves and other organic matter.

Our tomatoes are never wasted, either. If for any reason they don’t live up to our high standards for sale, Bushel Boys are donated to food shelves to help feed our hungry neighbors.

So, when you share those scrumptious, juicy tomatoes with your family, you aren’t just doing it for the good of your loved ones. You’re eating for the greater good.

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