Watch the Doughnut, Not the Hole

June 8 is National Jelly Doughnut Day. Ah, the jelly doughnut…It brings back memories of my childhood. My sister had a weekend job at a bakery and brought doughnuts home every Saturday morning. Before I discovered the wonders of old fashioned crullers, I always jumped for the lemon-filled jelly doughnut. It’s not too hard to find a good jelly-filled doughnut in the Twin Cities, but a couple come to mind when I think about my Twin Cities doughnut experiences.

• Along with their famous maple bacon long john doughnuts, Yo-Yo Doughnuts makes darned good lemon and raspberry filled long johns.

Sarah Jane’s seasonal rhubarb quick bread is hard to resist right now, but if you can pass it up, the lemon or raspberry jelly doughnuts are strong contenders—or their pÄ…czki, jam-filled Polish pastries (seasonal).

• On the horizon, I’m excited about the The Donut Cooperative, an upcoming venture offering handmade, artisan doughnuts using sustainable principals.

While you’re enjoying a jelly-filled doughnut today, consider the following jelly doughnut trivia:

• Jelly or custard filled doughnuts are known as sufganiyot in Hebrew .

• Elvis Presley’s 63rd birthday was celebrated with a jelly doughnut eating contest in Chicago.

• Austria’s krapfen are similar to jelly doughnuts, but are typically filled with apricot jam (yum!).

And finally, celebrate your doughnut with Burl Ives as he sings “The Doughnut Song”:


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