Where Basilica Block Party Bands Are Eating

Basilica Block Party
By Daniel Brakke

The Basilica Block Party is just around the corner, and this year’s headliners include names like Weezer, O.A.R., Wilco and more to bring you straight back to the glory days of ’90s rock. The lineup also includes bands that call this great state home—Motion City Soundtrack, American Scarecrows, Southside Desire—but that’s probably stuff you already know.

What may be news to you is where these bands choose to hunker down and eat when they’re back in the Twin Cities. From Aero Flynn’s full-blown meal guidance at Quang Restaurant to Zoo Animal’s undying love for Convention Grill, five beloved Minnesota bands weighed in on the best places to grab a bite. It’s all mapped out and ready for you—now it’s time to hurry up and get eating.

Get your tickets here for the 2015 Basilica Block Party, taking place from 5-10:30 p.m. on July 10 & 11 at the Basilica of Saint Mary, 88 N. 17th St., Minneapolis.

Special thanks to Jennifer Trebisovsky of Karwoski & Courage.