Wild Acres Turkey Drumsticks at the Twins Stadium!

Most foodies in the Twin Cities are familiar with Wild Acres, the Pequot Lakes grower of wonderful pheasant, duck, turkey, wild turkey, and other poultry, and they’re familiar with them because the Wild Acres name appears on so many of the Twin Cities’ top restaurant menus.

But no one knows this but us: Turns out the smoked turkey drumsticks at the new Twins Stadium about to open will be supplied by Wild Acres. But no one will know this but us because being an official supplier to the Twins is one of those pay-to-play arrangements that have to be worked out by contract, and Wild Acres isn’t big enough to get involved in such a contract. Still, the smoked turkey drumsticks on offer at the Twins Stadium will be Wild Acres drumsticks nonetheless. They’ll only be available at a single stand, and at that a mere 80 a game, so if someone spots them, please post where they are to be found in the comments.

Oh, and how do I know? A little bird told me! Ba-dum-sha! I’m here all week folks, be sure to tip your waitress.

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