Editor's Letter: Time Saving Secrets in the Kitchen

I always look forward to Daylight Savings Time and the chance to spend more time outdoors. But pushing sunset back means a full hour’s sleep bypassed in a single second’s tick. 

Our Chef Secrets feature is designed to help make up for March 13th’s loss. This compilation of culinary recommendations from local professionals—the slickest way to cut butter into flour, the best tool for flipping donuts in the fryer (you will never guess), the premier place to buy Asian veggies—should save you at least an hour’s worth of effort. 

Another time saver: the dining tips offered by our new restaurant critics, Jason DeRusha and Joy Summers. For the past decade, both have made a name for themselves in the food community by tracking its changes and sharing their opinions in a style that’s as knowledgeable and fair as it is approachable and fun. Each month, Jason and Joy pit two new eateries against one another in a quippy, back-and-forth “he said, she said” dialogue and pick a winner—or, occasionally, agree to disagree. They also make regular dining recommendations based on cuisine type, occasion, and location, and revisit old favorite restaurants to see which have stood the test of time.

We were so excited to debut the duo that we couldn’t help but drop a hint for the local fooderati. (Jason was suspected for his penchant for patterned socks; Joy for her signature ruby locks.) If you, like us, can’t get enough of Jason and Joy, catch up with them regularly on our TC Taste blog or meet them in person at our Food & Wine Experience events taking place March 4–6. 

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