‘Minnesota Mean’ Hits Streaming Platforms Next Week

Explore the grueling world of roller derby by following a team of six formidable women working toward victory

Courtesy of Media Savant Communications

Freestyle Digital Media recently announced that “Minnesota Mean” will be released on Amazon and Apple TV on July 2, following the documentary’s successful debut at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Fest last April. This thrilling documentary follows the lives of six dedicated women who compete in the cutthroat sport of roller derby. Directed and produced by Dawn Mikkelson, it highlights the physically demanding landscape of Minnesota roller derby and the amount of strength and skill required to excel at the sport.

As these resilient women embark on a quest for the ultimate prize, the Hydra, viewers will be drawn into their emotional journey. When one of the team’s top players becomes injured, the team is confronted with a daunting challenge—can they overcome adversity and emerge as champions?

Viewers get an inside look into roller derby athletes Brickyard, Hurtrude Stein, Smoka Hontas, Shiver Me Kimbers, Diamond Rough, and Switch Please, and get to cheer them on as they face the challenge of a lifetime. In the words of Director Dawn Mikkelson, “The film is full of the unexpected and intimate portrayals of these athletes’ lives, offering an inside look at their journeys both on and off the track.”

This intimate portrayal of a team of fierce women celebrates female sports and the tight-knit Minnesota roller derby community, set to tunes by local legend Dessa. To walk alongside these six local roller derby athletes as they compete for victory, stream “Minnesota Mean” on Amazon and Apple TV beginning July 2.

Julia Jacobson is a rising senior at the University of Notre Dame, studying political science and journalism. Outside of her coursework, she participates in her school’s mock trial team and works as a teaching assistant for an introductory political science course. Julia was born and raised in Minnesota, and loves traveling both domestically and internationally. In her free time, she enjoys reading and journaling.