Minnesota Native Dances On Field with Rihanna at Super Bowl

Camryn Hetrick of Rosemount says performance was her professional dream
Camyrn Hetrick


This year’s Super Bowl LVII in Arizona on Feb. 12 was a big day for millions of sports and entertainment fans and amassed an approximated 200 million television viewers. For Minnesota native Camryn Hetrick, a dancer and student studying in Arizona, landing a role as a field dancer with singer Rihanna in the Super Bowl halftime gig was a massive opportunity she had been training for most of her life.

Growing up in the dance community in Rosemount, Hetrick had always dreamed of dancing professionally. “I knew that in order to do this, I needed to work hard and really push myself to get the training needed for a dream this big,” she says. “There are so many amazing dancers in the world, and so many people to learn from.” Hetrick says some of her favorite styles to work in are jazz funk, hip hop, and contemporary, which she had the joy of getting to incorporate into the Super Bowl field performance.

Super Bowl halftime show with Rihanna

State Farm Stadium

Although her years-long training had equipped her with some dance experience, “preparing to dance in the show was definitely a learning experience, the hours were long but none that I wouldn’t do again, my excitement for the show made me feel energized,” she says.

“Dancing in the show felt like a dream, I was dancing and thinking, ‘Oh my gosh am I really doing this?’ I had never danced for so many people in my life, so my adrenaline was at an all-time high,” Hetrick says. As the roar of screaming fans and the creative use of lighting filled the stadium, it was clear to see that the space was filled with an amped-up energy the performers channeled into their movement.

After the 13-minute medley of Rihanna’s most popular songs, Hetrick remembers the elation she felt after the performance. “As soon as I ran off the stage, happy tears were falling down my face, a moment I have been dreaming about since being a little girl finally became a reality.”

Hetrick says she is immensely grateful for the experience and hopes to continue to grow in her career: “I was able to dance alongside so many talented professionals I have been looking up to for years, and it has really given me inspiration to keep working hard and to keep training and learning from those around me.”

Super Bowl halftime show in 2023.

State Farm Stadium