Why We Love Indie Minnesota Artist Nobody Likes You Pat

St. Paul singer-songwriter releases new single and announces debut LP

Photo by Teren Mabry

Pat Kiloran is a father, husband, singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in St. Paul. The indie pop artist goes by the name “nobody likes you pat,” which he introduced while writing and recording music in his attic. Kiloran has released two EPs and five singles, gaining more than 160,000 monthly Spotify listeners.  

His newest single, “midwest blues,” was released July 8. The raw and heartfelt lyrics express Kiloran’s emotions of the pivotal moments in his life that led him to who he is today and who he hopes to be. The track is accompanied by his self-directed music video that takes viewers on a voyage through natural landscapes and scenic views, offering a sense of tranquility.  

Kiloran’s new single arrives with the announcement of his debut LP, “imago,” which will be out Nov. 18 via Nettwerk. Imago, derived from the Latin phrase “imago dei,” translates to “image of God.” Kiloran describes the LP as feeling “like watching a home movie,” with the nostalgic and honest storytelling. Nobody may like Pat, but hopefully everyone loves his new album.