The Crafted Cocktail Contest will showcase an assortment of unique, delicious cocktails from local restaurants and distilleries and national spirit brands. The winner will receive a trophy, photo-op with Minnesota Monthly, and additional marketing exposure. Voting will be conducted digitally and using a QR code to access the voting portal. Each participant will have a sign on their table, and additional signage will present throughout the venue. Voting will be available from the start of the event at 5 pm until 8:30 pm. A winner will be announced between 8:30 and 9 pm. 

Rules and Regulations

Participants must follow the exhibitor and/or sponsor rules as agreed to upon commitment to Fine Spirits Classic. 

Each participant will offer up to 3 oz. samples of their hand-crafted cocktail. 

Cocktails must be “made from scratch,” no canned or ready-to-drink packaged cocktails are allowed. We will request an ingredient list prior to the event. 

Manipulation of voting will be cause for immediate elimination of the contest. 

The winner will be calculated based on taste and presentation. 

All staff/employees must be 21 years or older. 

Fine Spirits Classic to Provide:

Special Event Food Permit (required)

Dump buckets 

Garbage containers 

Hand washing stations 

Signage for participating vendors to announce their inclusion in the contest

Participants to Provide:

All ingredients and equipment to craft their cocktail 

Sample cups if they do not wish to use Fine Spirits Classic tasting glassware provided to the guests (optional) 

Additional products they wish to sample outside of the contest (optional) 

Additional promotional items (optional) 


Voting will close at 8:30 pm on Friday, June 28. 

The winner will be announced between 8:30 pm and 9 pm and presented with a trophy. 

A photographer will be present to take photos of the winner.