16 Things to Love This Valentine's

Pick from rings, ties, lockets, and more in the holiday’s pinks, reds, purples, and even some whites

Assorted Valentine's gift boxes. Photo by karandaev/Fotolia.
Photo by karandaev/Fotolia

I love Valentine’s Day. I love having something on the calendar that reminds people, “Hey, go tell someone you love, be it a best friend, a partner, a parent that you love them and you appreciate them.” I love making special time to go on a date, whether it’s a fancier restaurant than normal or a walk in a park, and I love celebrating healthy relationships because that, to me, makes a life worth living.

When I was putting this roundup together, I couldn’t decide between little gifts people would like or things you want to wear for a special night out, so I basically threw everything together and made it color-coded. Still, I hope you find something you like. And even if you don’t, I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s.

Items from Grethen House, John's Crazy Socks, Filigree Jewelers, and The Mitten Co.
From left, clockwise: Courtesy Grethen House, John’s Crazy Socks, Filigree Jewelers, The Mitten Co.

The Pinks

From left, clockwise: The Ulla Johnson Tali Clutch from Grethen House adds a touch of understated romanticism to any outfit with its ballet vibes and oversized bow, whereas having some Power Rangers socks as hidden or as visible as you want can always garner a smile. The socks are technically for men, but if you’re a fan, I’m sure you can make it work no matter what gender. (I generally try to stick around Minnesota for boutiques or makers, but I couldn’t help it when it came to the story behind John’s Crazy Socks.) Filigree Jewelers has a show stealer with this 3.93 cushion cut pink sapphire ring, resting in diamonds and 18k white gold (a girl can dream, right?). To keep warm during your date, try this pair of Pink-Brown Lambs Wool Women’s Driver Mittens from The Mitten Co. 

Items from Dog Bird Studios, Primp, Marion Park, and Queen Anna.
From above left, clockwise: Courtesy Dog Bird Studios, Primp Boutique, Queen Anna House of Fashion, Marion Park

The Reds

From above left, clockwise: Get snazzy with a little help from Bird Dog Studios. Get the handcrafted, pheasant-feather bowtie, Blaze—you can pick between a red silk knot or gold silk knot in the middle—and check out the matching lapel pin and pocket square, too. Primp has a long-sleeve Ruby Red Front Tie Blouse that is good for any holiday and keeps the look simple but classy. Emmy by SOIA & KYO (and brought to you by Queen Anna House of Fashion) has a tailored, sharp look with a hip-length velvet blazer saturated in a merlot red color. If you want something a little spunkier, go for Marion Park’s Lane chiffon and suede heel; you should be able to wear these high end but orthotic shoes all night.

Photos from above left, clockwise, are from Inherit Clothing, Queen Anna House of Fashion, Elixery, and Hammermade.
From above left, clockwise: Courtesy Inherit Clothing, Queen Anna House of Fashion, Elixery, Hammermade

The Purples

The Mandi Floral Maxi Dress by Inherit Clothing is winsome with its modest and flatteringly simple form (with hidden pockets!), which is pretty much what every item from this earnest company in Morris, Minnesota strives to do. For the Allen Schwartz “Norah” jumpsuit at Queen Anna House of Fashion, though, the design details are what make it stand out (if it did not already from its plum-colored hue). Looking at lipstick Love Potion by Elixery, it looks pretty dang purple, but when worn, it shimmers with pink highlights as well. Actually, the same can be said for the Fuschia Micro Tie at Hammermade, too.

From above left, clockwise, courtesy W-S Embroidery, Arthur's Jewelers, The Locket Sisters, Urbain.
From above left, clockwise: courtesy WS Embroidery, Arthur’s Jewelers, The Locket Sisters, Urbain

The Whites (with Some Silver)

From above left, clockwise: For something a little nostalgic, surprisingly useful, and quaintly personal, get a handkerchief embroidered at WS Embroidery. Or, for that matter, get anything you want embroidered or monogrammed there. I’m in love with this heart-shaped Dancing Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver; the diamond moves as the wearer does, making for a beautiful moment as the facets catch the light. If you go to the store and they don’t have it in stock, it’s because I snagged it already for my wedding. The Locket Sisters pour all of their lockets by hand, and while the Dorothy Locket is their smallest, its square frame is perfect for almost any photo. Instead of cutting out your own photo from the Kodaks, though, The Locket Sisters will take your image, make any color and sizing corrections, and create it in resin and place it in your locket for a true keepsake. Last but not least, the Capitol Cuffs from Urbain also hold a story: They are made with white marble from the original Minnesota State Capitol, built in 1905.

A brass-plated arrow hammered into a cuff by Larissa Loden.Bonus: Arrow Cuff Bracelet

Since I gave silver some love, I had to make sure to include an item with some warmer metal tones. This Arrow Cuff Bracelet by Larissa Loden also comes in silver, but with this brass plating, my mind goes more quickly to Cupid’s magic, doesn’t yours?