2013 WellStockMN Challenge

This New Year we put our readers to the test with the eight-week WellstockMN Challenge. Readers were asked to submit a health goal for 2013, update their progress weekly, and were entered to win big money to the Ivy Fitness Club. Over 40 ambitious contestants entered, all survived, but three stood out among the rest.

Elissa Elliott

$5,000 Grand Prize Winner
I’ve done something right for my body, and now I can be a healthy role model for my young daughter. Starting out this challenge, I weighed 194.5 lbs. and was sitting at 36.5% body fat. In the obese category, as it turns out. I ended the 8-week challenge at 171.2 lbs and 26.2% body fat. I’m currently at 23.7% (March 12), and I’ll continue until I’m where I need to be.  Thank you, Minnesota Monthly, for challenging us all to be better versions of ourselves!

before and after Elissa Elliott  Elissa Elliot after

Mary Sheie

$2,500 Runner-Up
My goal was to improve bone health through nutrition and exercise. I monitored calcium and calorie intake, walked, jumped rope, did strength exercises and began strength training weekly at Discover Strength. A bone density test in February confirmed stable bone density since 2010. In the process, I lost 3 pounds, feel stronger and now include foods high in calcium at each meal. The WellstockMN Challenge motivated me to launch my journey to better bone health.

Mary Sheie  Mary Sheie at Discover Strength

Benja Sem

$2,500 Runner-Up
I have always had a hard time getting into an exercise routine. Through participating in the Wellstock MN challenge, however, I learned that the secret for me was to make it become a habit, even if it meant pushing through difficult times. Eventually, exercise became part of my everyday life, which I am so happy about and look forward to continuing. This challenge reminded me that good things in life start from good habits.

Benja Sem

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