5 Questions with Jeff Metzdorff of Mill City Running

Make the most of Minnesota’s sunny summer days—lace up your tennis shoes and head to the trails. Running specialty store Mill City Running is locally owned by husband and wife duo Jeff and Rebekah Metzdorff (talk about a power couple). Equipped with tips on everything from how to fuel before a workout to the optimal gear to wear, Jeff opens up to Minnesota Monthly with his running expertise.

1. Branching out from the classic around-the-lake routes, what are some of your favorite running routes?

It’s hard to beat running down St. Anthony Main on a summer night, turning onto the Stone Arch and closing the loop coming across a lit up Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

2. Do you have any tips for city runners that run on urban roads?

Be considerate and share the road or path (the same goes for my cyclist and motorist friends). Obey the traffic signals, it’s not going to ruin your run to stand at the stoplight for 20 seconds!

3. How do you stay fueled during a run, and what do you recommend for a pre and post workout snack?

During the warm weather months I utilize the many water fountains around the metro. The winter makes it a bit more challenging, but there are loads of great coffee shops in the Twin Cities that are generous in offering water or a restroom. Pre-run go with something nutritionally basic that absorbs easily (think oatmeal or a banana). Post-run, it’s all about getting carbs and proteins back into the body as son as reasonably possible, chocolate milk is always a go-to for me.

4. What is your favorite gear on the market, and do you have any advice for finding the perfect shoe fit?

Running apparel is so strong right now, all the major brands are on trend with pieces that you can workout in and still wear casually after the run is over. Labels like Lole and Ciele are really innovating and doing things in a way we haven’t seen before. [For shoes] go to a local running store and ask to be fit. Most stores do this for free and are happy to provide the service. Your local store is a resource for everything from shoes to training and race advice, utilize them!

5. Do you have any tips for beginners or long-time avid runners on staying inspired?

Get involved in a running group. There are a wide variety of groups that meet in Mpls./St. Paul catering to all abilities, aspirations, and levels of commitment. Again, most running stores can help you find a group to run with, no matter your goals.

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