A Chilly Swim

About the shot:

I have a sales recruiting company (my day job) and we office out of the St. Paul University Club building on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. My window is on the 4th floor and it overlooks the swimming pool, so after a rather large snow storm, I got the idea of having someone go down, make a snow angel in the pool, and I would take a picture of them doing it. I asked everyone in our office, but nobody wanted to get wet, so I went down and did it myself. I found out that pool ladders don’t go all the way down to the bottom, so that last step dropped me into snow about up to my crotch—I was wearing work attire and got wet snow stuffed up my dress shoes and pants! I managed to wade out a bit and work out a decent snow angel, but it took me a couple of slippery tries to jump back up on the ladder and climb out (on the way, I was careful to stay in the same tracks so it would look like the angel fell down into the pool and walked out by itself). When I got back up to my office, I found out my coworkers had alerted the other offices in the building that I was out in the swimming pool and a small group had gathered laughing to tears!  It turned out to be a fun picture—a friend entered it into a photo competition and it won a national ‘Unpublished Works’ artistic award from Communication Arts magazine and was featured in their Annual Photography print addition.

–Photographer Dan Anderson

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