Best Boutique Fitness Studios in Minneapolis

Check out six of the best endorphin-boosting fitness studios to feel the burn and get your sweat on

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All too often, pulling myself up and off the couch to workout seems like an impossible feat.  My muscles are already sore, my coffee wore off two hours ago, and driving to the gym feels like a chore. I feel bored, stagnant, and unmotivated in more ways than I can even begin to count. Relatable, huh? It’s easy to feel like you’re in a rut doing the same workout, same cardio, same fitness regimen day-in and day-out, over and over and over again.

We have the solution. Join the party at one (or all) of these popular boutique fitness studios in the heart of Minneapolis to ignite your passion and excitement for working out. Sometimes all it takes is a change in routine to pull yourself out of the plateau and feel fired up to work hard, pour sweat, and make progress towards your goalsplus, you might even find a workout you love.

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Alchemy 365

Classes at Alchemy leave no dumbbell racked, no yoga pose unmastered, and no heart unconditioned. Alchemy blends yoga, strength, and cardiovascular training to create a well-rounded, custom, and comprehensive fitness workout to suit every type of athlete. The studio holds classes for all levels and even offers a free week for new students to dip their toes in the water of Alchemy’s full line-up of all things fit.

After your introduction, move on to the A10 and A20 classes that combine the three staples of Alchemy or try Built Body for strength and conditioning. Especially great for athletes, AFlow is a faster flowing yoga class focused on balance- and strength-building poses. Renew the mind, change the body, and break all the rules with a mix-and-match combination of potently popular classes. It could be the perfect chemistry to maximize your results. Alchemy North Loop, 246 Ninth Ave. N., Minneapolis; Alchemy Northeast, 120 SE Third Ave., Minneapolis


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The Aviary

Hang around (literally) at the Aviary, an aerial hammock and bungee fitness studio, for a sky-high experience in downtown Minneapolis. Small class sizes, personalized one-on-one attention, and hands-on assistance create quick, noticeable progress with each session. The Aviary offers 21 different classes for students of all levels, including a 45-minute mandatory fundamentals class for all new flyers. After, try sculpt, strength, or even Pilates- and TRX-derived classes. New clients can purchase a one-class pass for $20 or, to give you as much air-time as you can handle, try an unlimited month of classes for $99. Just remember to register online and pay in advance. They don’t accept walk-ins or students under 18. (Students between the ages 12 and 18 may be able to take private lessons.) 201 Sixth St. SE, Minneapolis


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Corepower Yoga

Calling all yogis—CorePower Yoga is one of your best bets to revamp and revive your typical flow with a technique that burns, blasts fat, and works every muscle. New students get their first week of class free of charge and then have the option to drop in, purchase a class pack, or commit with an unlimited yoga membership. With 13 studios in the metro alone, you’re sure to find a location close and convenient to get your mind, body, and spirit on track. The studio offers multiple classes in ranging levels to challenge both the advanced yogi and the newest Vinyasa fan.

Whether you’re looking for an invigorating full-body flow or 103 degree detoxifying hot yoga sesh, CorePower will strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, and aid in mindfulness and relaxation. Bring water, a towel, and a mat, but if you don’t have any of the latter, no worries—they have you covered. 501 S. Washington Ave., Suite 200, Minneapolis; various other locations



Rock your ride with an exhilarating and intoxicating experience at CycleBar, a premium indoor cycling studio in Uptown Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and Woodbury. CycleBar impressive customer service takes care of all your pre- and post-workout needs. The studio provides cycling shoes, complimentary water, and snacks, and if it’s your first ride, you’re eligible for a perk ranging from a $10 class to a full week free. Newbies and regulars can take advantage of many amenities including keypad lockers, robes, hair ties, wet clothing bags, and other toiletries for personal use.

CycleBar’s three signature classes each focuses on something different. Try the Classic for a mix of strength, endurance, and drills; Connect for a tuned-in ride that focuses on restoring and reviving your mind; or, if you want to make your sweat-sesh a friendly competition, Performance, which tracks rider-specific performance data. Get lost in the music, pedal to the rhythm, and challenge yourself to beat out your personal best—or your bestie. 2927 Girard Ave. S., Minneapolis; 12401 Wayzata Road, Suite 2085, Minnetonka; 265 Radio Drive, Suite E, Woodbury


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Fly Feet Running

At Fly Feet Running, you call the shots. How fast you run, how hard you push, how much you sweat—it’s all on you. Fly Feet unites high intensity running intervals with strength and mobility training in 60-minute classes that helps people of any age and fitness level shatter their goals. Try their free introductory class, Fly 101, or jump right in to one of their other four classes: Tread & Shred (their most popular “bread and butter” class for all levels), Treadmighty (a class to track your progress and identify your weak spots), Stride (designed for runners to prepare for races), and Strength (a class that, unsurprisingly, centers around improving strength and power). Newbies can take advantage of the three classes for $30 promotion, purchase an unlimited class membership for $179/month, or just try a single class for $25. Fly Feet Running, 15 S. Fifth St., Suite 100, Minneapolis; 881 Lake St. N., Wayzata



Pure Barre

With more than 460 studios in the U.S. and Canada, this popular total-body barre workout will win you over. The Pure Barre technique is perfect for anyone who’s looking to get back into a fit lifestyle with low impact movements that protect your joints, and create long, lean muscles.

Four class options cover everyone’s goals, whether you’re just looking to explore barre exercise for the first time, want an effective full-body workout, or want to mix in some cardio. For an extra challenge, try one of the classes with wrist and ankle weights or resistance bands.

All you need is yourself, a bottle of water, and a sweat towel, and Pure Barre will provide the rest. Not near North Loop? No problem. Check out any of the Pure Barre studios in St. Louis Park, Maple Grove, St. Paul, Blaine, Edina, Eden Prairie, Eagan, Woodbury, or Apple Valley. Each location has a special offer for newcomers. Pure Barre North Loop, 300 S. Second St, Suite 2, Minneapolis; various other locations

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