Blog: Live Photos from the Total Solar Eclipse

Our editor is posting photos from the path of totality in Missouri

The sky suddenly darkened, the wind picked up, the crickets sounded, and three planets came out when the moon passed in front of the sun just now. “That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” my kid exclaimed after today’s solar eclipse totality passed about 10 minutes ago.

The sun during the total solar eclipse.

Amy Nelson

We cheered on the eclipse with visitors to Nebraska on our left, and travelers from Colorado on our right.

Amy Nelson

We made it to a campground in Missouri last night, woke up to clear skies, and drove about an hour this morning to land at D’s Country Kitchen in Ellsinore, Missouri, which promises more than 4 minutes of totality in about an hour.

As the skies started to darken right before totality.

Amy Nelson

Here are some images of the solar eclipse from earlier, when the moon started moving across the sun at about 1:30 p.m. CST.

The start of the eclipse through welder’s glass

Amy Nelson

Here’s what the area looks like without the welder’s glass protection.

The regular view at D’s in Missouri

Amy Nelson

We are so pleased to find D’s in Ellsinore, Missouri, which owners say was about 10 minutes from totality in 2017. There’s a BBQ buffet, live band, and cornhole here for the crowds gathered to watch today’s events on their patio.

D’s Country Kitchen

Isabel Sander

Here’s the live band playing for the crowds.

Amy Nelson

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