Definition: McGolden

Minnesota’s state beer


noun: mick-gohl-done

Yes, we are home to powerhouse brewers like Surly, Summit, Bent Paddle, and Castle Danger. And yes, there are plenty of sleeve-tatted, raw-denim-wearing individuals among us who will go on (and on) about their favorite citrusy IPA. But if the mosquito is our state bird, then Michelob Golden Light (a.k.a. the McGolden) is our state beer. Always on sale. Always on billboards. Always glowing from the bottom of a cooler. Some might call it beer-flavored water. Others say it’s like drinking the tears of a glacier, like chilled sunlight. On hot days, McGoldens taste best in the shower, after you mow the lawn, with grass trimmings still stuck to your ankles and swirling down the drain. And as temperatures dip, McGoldens taste best when frozen to slush on the back porch, then brought inside to drink over board games or cribbage.