Defying Hate

The NOH8 Campaign finds generous support for marriage equality and GLBT awareness in Minneapolis

Event: A photo shoot organized by the NOH8 Campaign at the W Hotel in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday, February 6.

Cause:  NOH8 seeks to promote and raise awareness for marriage equality, anti-discrimination, and GLBT issues. More than $10,000 was raised to support future NOH8 efforts and events.

Famous Faces: Paris Bennett from American Idol and Christopher Straub from Project Runway were among the more than 400 participants.

Come One, Come All: The photo shoot was open to any and all supporters, including one three-year-old participant.

Look Alikes: To match the look of signature NOH8 photos, participants were asked to wear a plain white T-shirt and a temporary NOH8 tattoo on their face.

Click on the photos to see names of those pictured.