Eight Things for a Better 2019

Check out a few products that might just be the thing you need to treat yourself

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No matter how good or bad 2018 was, let’s make 2019 better. It is true that you don’t need any product to be happy, but here are some that can hopefully give you more incentive to put you first.

Worker B products like scrubs, balms, and serums. Courtesy Worker B.

A Better Glow

Worker B is by no means the only Minnesota-made skincare worth mentioning, but it is a good one. Check out skincare products like their honey face washes for different skin types, their dawn and dusk serums, and items like their treatment stick to protect skin from dryness and weather.

An assortment of colorful yoga mats from Big Raven Yoga. Courtesy Big Raven Yoga.

A Better Yoga Mat

Get a yoga mat that will last throughout all of the down dogs and soldier poses—one that will cushion your joints while supporting your stance. Big Raven Yoga has only one mat, created with the best materials and structural design possible, and dozens of feminist-designed art options.

Featured mats, from above left, clockwise: Floral Bells, I. Love. This. Quote., Come up and Sashimi Sometime, Waxing Crescent Phases of the Moon.  

The spiral to-do bookmark and the pink bullet journal from Russell + Hazel. Courtesy Russell + Hazel.

A Better Plan

Looking at Russell + Hazel is like looking at a pristine Instagram gallery and thinking, “Wow. Aesthetic.” (You can literally do the slipshod simile I created @russelandhazel, as well.) Grab one of their planners or bullet journals to start organizing your life, or consider the spiral to-do bookmark, which can slip into any spiral-bound notebook or planner that you like.

The Handsome Man Grooming Can from Duke Cannon.

A Better Man Kit

The perfect mix of good grooming and of-the-land practicality, Duke Cannon Supply Co. has put together the Handsome Man Grooming Can with some of its most useful products for the well-kept man, such as the Superior Grade Shaving Cream, Working Man’s Face Wash, and Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm.

A collection of Naptime Aromatherapy Co. jewelry. Courtesy Naptime Aromatherapy Co.

A Better Jewelry Piece

Naptime Aromatherapy Co.’s store in downtown White Bear Lake has all sorts of items, like bath and body products, clothing, and home goods, but right now I’m here to talk about its aromatherapy jewelry. For anyone who loves essential oils (or for those who are digging the boho, minimalistic look in jewelry), have a piece you can wear everyday that you can put your favorite fragrance on.

Featured, from above left, clockwise: Long Diffuser Necklace with Large Amethyst Slab, Ananda Aromatherapy Necklace, various items including Balance Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet, Men’s Aromatherapy Bracelet.


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A Better Watch

I know, the Padron Watch Co. doesn’t give you the latest tech watch. But perhaps having a watch gives you one less reason to whip out your phone every two seconds. Each of Leo Padron’s hand-built watch styles is water resistant up to 500 feet, made from surgical-grade stainless steel amd sapphire crystal, powered by the wearer’s movement, and—my favorite aspect—designed with a clear caseback so you can see its inner workings.

The Glitter Gang set from Drybar features a very sparkly silver blow dryer. Courtesy Drybar.

A Better Date Night ‘Do

While attempting a blow out on yourself may sound intimidating, the Drybar (located throughout the country, newly opened in Wayzata) offers a whole DIY video series for you to use their limited edition Glitter Gang set successfully. Whether you try to go for old Hollywood curls or just want to add some volume for a sleek, full look, you can do it with a hair dryer, a round brush, and a little product help.

Yoga at The Salt Cave Minnesota. Photo courtesy The Salt Cave Minnesota.

A Better TLC Spot

Living can be stressful, plain and simple, so consider shaking up your TLC routine with some new ideas. These three experiences could be considered holistic treatments, but they are also great for relaxation even if you’re on the fence about the possible extra benefits:

612 Sauna Society: If you’ve never been in a sauna, it might not sound like your cup of tea, but the heat can actually be relaxing. Think of it this way: The heat makes your blood vessels dilate, which increases your blood flow, sparks your endorphins, and makes your muscles relax—including the ones in your face and neck that you might not be aware of.

The Salt Cave Minnesota: Not everyone accepts the various clinical studies that have been done on halotherapy—breathing in salty air—but you have to admit, the salt lights are very pretty. Make some time for the first salt cave in Minnesota and take in the warm light and pair it with options like a 15-minute massage, yoga session, or guided meditation/stress rescue session.

Sanctuary Float Spa: Part of the championed benefits of floating comes from the minerals that saturate the water, and part of it is from the relaxing sensation due to the body-temperature water and the quiet and lulling environment. Sanctuary Float Spa uses floating rooms instead of tanks, so instead of climbing into a smaller, enclosed space, you have more space and openness to calm yourself and let your mind drift.

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