Everyone Should Own a Pair of Gold Sequin Pants

WCCO’s Jordana Green encourages you to do what makes you happy in 2016
Photo by naiaekky – fotolia

They are the essence of my focus in 2016: My gold sequin pants.

I bought them to wear to a party, and I loved wearing them. I felt like a human disco ball! I wanted to wear them more often, but c’mon—where can you really wear gold sequin pants? Umm… everywhere. Something I learned in 2015 is that I shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to wear, use, or do something that I love.

When I moved out of my home in October I found beautiful china, champagne flutes, and expensive silverware that I received at my first wedding shower (in 1996) that remained unopened. What was I saving them for? Whatever that occasion was, it either never came, or came and went while my fancy dishes were still packed away in boxes. Not anymore. When I moved into the new house I unpacked the china, stemware, and flatware directly into the kitchen drawers and they are currently in use every day.

To put my lesson into action, I pulled on my gold sequin pants and wore them to work. Yes, everyone commented on them, remarked how “sparkly” they were, and smiled when I walked by. Whether they were laughing at me or with me doesn’t matter. Those pants make me happy. What’s the point of having them in my closet if I only wore them to one party?

This year I’m going to wear, do, and use things that make me happy as often as possible. No more waiting for a special occasion. Breakfast can be a special occasion if it’s on a pretty plate and Thursday can be a special day if I’m feeling fabulous in gold sequin pants.

This week I hope you stop waiting and find specialness in the mundane.