First Look: Idun in St. Paul

A new high-end boutique joins BlackBlue and Primp in Cathedral Hill


Selby avenue’s newest boutique, Idun, has mastered upscale minimalism. There are neither mannequins nor art on the walls, but the shop’s exposed brick and lush plants in the front windows make the space feel restrained rather than impersonal—perfectly in keeping with the store’s philosophy.

Owner Dahlia Brue hopes that Idun (pronounced “Eden” and named for the Norse goddess of youth and rejuvenation) will become a destination for shoppers hunting for hard-to-find upscale brands. “I think people forget about St. Paul,” she says of her decision to open up shop in the capital city. “It would have been very obvious to open in Northeast Minneapolis. I’m not interested in obvious.”

Photo by TJ Turner/Sidecar

And that attitude can be seen in the women’s clothing, menswear-inspired shoes, and simple metal jewelry in the store: Much of the inventory reflects Brue’s flair for the unconventional. “You have to experience the pieces,” she says, holding up a pair of ultra-high-waisted pants by Jesse Kamm as an example—she insists that they look fantastic off the hanger. “I want people to have the confidence to wear something that they didn’t think they could.”

Whether slightly offbeat or more conservative, the rest of the pieces in the three-level store are reflective of Brue’s sophisticated tastes: Perfectly tailored jackets and jumpsuits with plenty of architectural lines and refined details form a cohesive, well-curated collection that fits nicely in the museum-inspired space. “I wanted the clothes—and the shoes, and the bags—to be the center of attention,” she says.


495 Selby Ave., St. Paul, 651-348-6104,


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