Fixt Electric Co.'s Vintage Industrial Lighting

The new company sources, restores, and sells funky retro fixutres sourced from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany

fixt electric
Photos courtesy of Fixt electric co.

The demand for vintage industrial lighting is as high as ever. As a result, the supply is drying up. (After all, there are only so many things made more than 50 years ago.) Nathaniel Jackson and Taylor Kaszynski found a solution with their new company, FIXT Electric Co., which sources, restores, and sells more than 50 styles of mining fluorescents, military bunker pendants, subway lights, and mid-century era light fixtures sourced from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. “We asked ourselves, ‘What other countries may have a similar amount of old factories and vintage lighting that hasn’t already been tapped into?’” explains Jackson, who has been buying and selling vintage industrial furniture and lighting for the past 15 years. So the pair traveled to Russia in search of salvaged lights, and unexpectedly ended up bringing home more than 3,000 fixtures. Shop their finds—from Russia, with love—online or by appointment at their Northeast studio. •

fixt electric

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