Fore Ewe

Fore Ewe’s golf head covers are anything but par for the course

Never mind bracelets and scarves. When it comes to accessorizing this spring, think outside the box—and inside the bag. The golf bag, that is. Fore Ewe’s made-to-order knitted head covers ($35 and up), designed by  founder Mary Jackley to protect drivers, woods, and rescue clubs,  “are very old-school,” says Jackley. “People like that.” Online orders from as far away as Ireland, Australia, and Sweden keep Jackley and her four knitters busy year-round. A longtime knitter (and golfer) herself, she launched Fore Ewe in 2012 and does all the finishing work—including sewing tassels or pom-poms on the 1,500 head covers ordered last year—from her Wayzata home. Her favorite part of the job is working with clients on customization. “One woman gave a set to her son’s Latin teacher,” says Jackley. “Instead of the traditional ‘one’ we stitched ‘UNUS.’ People love adding their personality to their bag.” •