Herbal Healer

Lise Wolff cures what ails you—or, rather, helps you help yourself heal—with herbs

Lise Wolff believes herbs can heal. A member of the highly respected American Herbalist Guild, she has a master’s degree in herbalism from the Scottish School of Herbalism and the University of Wales, and she teaches classes, walking clients around the Twin Cities to learn about plant life in their own neighborhood. Most recently, she was appointed an adjunct professor at St. Catherine University, where she will teach an herbology course. Here, she shares some tidbits about herbs.

I wanted to become a physical therapist. I was skeptical about herbs. Before taking a class on herbs, plants were just all green to me.

Herbs remind the body how to resume proper function; they stimulate the body to heal itself.

If people had any idea of how valuable their native plants are, they would treat the land differently. Better. People are weeding vegetables that are close to spinach and lettuce. They are chock-full of nutrition.

Often herbs look like the body parts they heal.

Most of my clients get immediate results. Sometimes they can feel an improvement even before they leave my office.

Your immune system is not a wall. It takes things in and decides if they are friend or foe.

The reason why many people get sick on vacation is because their body has been holding in blockages, storing them until the body has the time and energy to expel them.

When I help someone out of depression, for example, there’s a ripple effect. They have better relationships with their family, friends, strangers. I treat one person, but I affect a lot of lives. That drives me.

I see a practitioner, too. I don’t self-medicate. Perspective is everything.

Registered Herbalist Lise Wolff, 612-819-9946, herbalistlisewolff.com