Historical Twin Cities St. Patrick’s Day in Photos

Photo by Randolph johnson

The first Irish Minnesotans were three soldiers at Fort Snelling who were also instrumental in settling St. Paul. Since then, the Irish imprint on the state has been seen in St. Patrick’s Day parades, the Ancient Order of Hibernians (above, from 1912), and elsewhere as shown in these photos from the Minnesota Historical Society. One image below was inspired by then-governor Jesse Ventura’s (notoriously) opining on late-night TV that St. Paul’s streets were designed by someone of Irish descent under the influence.

Photo by Minnesota Moon

The inside of this card reads, “The streets of St. Paul become perfectly clear!”

Photo courtesy Minnesota historical society

St. Patrick’s Day parade, University of Minnesota, 1922—during the Irish Civil War. At the time, Ireland did not have a navy.

photo by mike fitzgerald

Outside the now-defunct MacCafferty’s on Grand Ave. in 1981.

Photo courtesy Minnesota historical Society

The St. Paul-based Coyne family returning from their home country of Ireland in this photo from the 1930s.

Photo by Steve Plattner

These revelers in costume (and, in the background, on unicycles) enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1978.